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Frank Baldassare, Creator & Host

Frank was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2002, about four months after his first symptom appeared so he thought he was one of the lucky ones, but his symptoms got worse and worse. He went from 180 to 156 lbs. in 5 weeks and his immune system began to spiral out of control. “The doctors told me that I would feel better in 6 months after starting a gluten-free diet but that wasn’t the case. It was obvious to me that my body had been so badly damaged by my over active immune system that I was having trouble digesting gluten-free grains.I knew I had to get back to basic’s to heal my body, so I started off with clean live food that was easy to digest and helped to promote healing. Then I reintroduced gluten-free grains and that did the trick!”

In 2003 Frank was driven to create a cooking show and Lifestyle Network for those living with Celiac Disease and for others that require special dietary needs. His desire to share his successful search for health has led him to devote his life to educating people on the joys and benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle and raising awareness of food intolerance and food allergies.

Frank Baldassare is a leading figure in the gluten-free and allergy-friendly cooking movement. He is the Creator and Host of the cooking show series THE MISSING INGREDIENT® which provides creative, delicious, everyday recipes for those seeking gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipes. His expertise in the Health and Wellness industries has led him on his way back to health from Celiac Disease by creating these innovative and easy gluten-free recipes which he wants to share with others.

“My goal is to use my three decades of experience in the Health and Wellness industries, my love of cooking and the knowledge I have obtained from my own journey back to wellness to help people by providing them with some tools to bring about positive well-being through gluten-free food, exercise and support. I want to remind people that are not feeling well and are feeling like they will never feel like their old self again that tomorrow could be the day you’ve been waiting for, the day you reconnect your mind, body and spirit and create a new self.”
So hang in there!

Frank is a sought after national speaker on the topics of living with Celiac Disease and the gluten-free lifestyle. Known for his motivational speaking style and easy to follow plans for getting yourself back to good health, he is a regular guest speaker at The Celiac Foundation Annual Conference and Gluten-Free Food Fair. Frank’s message is clear: “For people living with Celiac Disease gluten-free food is our medicine — not a fad diet. It’s a ‘medical must’ for us. Reading labels, understanding the manufacturing processes and educating the public to ensure that people with food allergies and Celiac Disease avoid cross contamination is the only way we can stay healthy.”

Frank has received media attention for his work in health and wellness and for his work with Celiac Disease and Food allergies, such as: Martha Stewart Living Today, NBC News 4, Today’s Dietitian, Vogue magazine, Heart and Soul, etc. and appears in the PBS special “Gut Check”. His story about healing will appear in the book by Jane Doyle, “Expect Your Miracle”.

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The Missing Ingredient ®

A Gluten-Free, allergy friendly cooking show series created, written and produced by Frank Baldassare. The show focuses on the Gluten-Free lifestyle for those who have special dietary needs that require a strict adherence to a Gluten-Free diet. Whenever possible, Frank shows the viewer how to adjust these recipes to accommodate people with other food allergies. The Missing Ingredient is proud to have the endorsement of the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Rowdy, Co-Host

A Gluten-Free Siberian Husky, born December 24th 2007 in Mississippi. He is the great nephew of Chaka who appeared in the earlier episodes of The Missing Ingredient until her passing in 2009. Rowdy hopes to continue to make people smile when they see him. When not on the set, Rowdy enjoys chasing deer, squirrels, and chipmunks at his house in the country. He is always eager to jump in the car with Frank and visit NYC where he and Frank lived until 2009.

Cody Boy Inc.

Frank Baldassare is the CEO and Founder of Cody Boy Inc, which consists of Cody Boy Books, Cody Boy TV and Cody Boy Productions, which all come together under Cody Boy Entertainment, the home of healthy entertainment.


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