Letter of Appreciation from The U.S. Pizza Team

Frank Baldassare received a terrific letter of appreciation from Steve Lieber, Director of the U.S. Pizza Team, an American organization dedicated to promoting the pizza industry, perfecting and serving the great meal of the USA and the world, and promoting sportsmanship, camaraderie and goodwill among all pizza makers and acrobats…

Letter of Appreciation
The US Pizza Team gives special thanks and appreciation to Frank Baldassare of www.themissingingredienttv.com for his participation as a culinary judge for the 1st Ever Gluten-Free National Pizza Championship at the Orlando Pizza Show September 12, 2010.  The event was the held at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The team gives special thanks to Frank for helping make the event a huge success. Frank was a charismatic judge who captured the attention of the audience and made several important announcements about celiac disease, the importance of gluten-free foods and the opportunities for pizza shop owners and operators to serve these gluten-free guests.

Frank Baldassare, Julie Kincart of the Celiac Disease Foundation – Lakeland, FL Support Group, Kelly Dial Sous Chef in several gluten-free kitchens, Certified Executive Chef Mike Bersell from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Carolyn Vanderzyden from the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness  comprised a panel of judges who gave the 1st ever Gluten-Free National Pizza Championship  complete credibility. The event matched the top 9 pizza chefs in the USA in the gluten-free category. The pizzas were creative and delicious!!! It was an honor for the team to be associated with this historic pizza competition. The US Pizza Team hopes to work with Frank Baldassare on an upcoming episode of www.themissingingredienttv.com to be filmed in NYC. The team recognizes Frank Baldassare for his time and commitment to this great culinary challenge. The team hopes to work with Frank to create many great gluten-free pizza recipes for use on the new US Pizza Team website www.uspizzateam.com expected to be complete by November 1, 2010.

With special thanks,

Eat more pizza, gluten-free of course!!!

Steve Lieber, Director of the US Pizza Team

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