The Missing Ingredient® Keeping your kids safe this Halloween 2014


Halloween is a very exciting time to be a kid and a very scary time to be a parent of a child with Celiac or food allergies.  I have fond memories from my childhood of going trick or treating until my plastic pumpkin was filled to the top. Then sitting in my living room with my friends and trading our favorite candy. My parents always made me give a portion to the local charities that provided services for kids that were in the hospital, so they would not miss out on the festive Halloween fun!

-Two ways to make sure your kids are safe this halloween as they make childhood memories that will last a life time.

1- Be mindful that just because last year the candy was safe for your child with a specific food restriction, does not mean that this year it is. Manufactures can change there facilities or practices so to be safe always check with them directly.

2-Visit reputable sources such as The Celiac Disease Foundation or the Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network for safe candy lists and non-food treat ideas.

The Celiac Disease Foundation link;

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network ://

Wishing you and your family a safe Halloween !


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