Organic Gluten-free Bread Mixes and More!

At the Celiac Conference in 2010, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady named Arnel. I had just finished my talk, when she came up to me and introduced herself, and then handed me a loaf of Gluten-free bread. I have a lot of people sending me their products, some are good, and others are not so good. There was a wonderful energy around this woman, and after we spoke I realized we were on the same page.

I got on the plane the following day to head back home and realized that I had forgotten to pack myself a gluten-free lunch. Then I remembered I had the bread that Arnel had given me in my carry-on. What a great surprise in more ways then one. First of all I had something to eat, and secondly it was delicious. I devoured it on the flight home. Upon my return, I e-mailed her and thanked her for her delicious gift.

This year when I was out in California, Arnel invited me to her gluten-free house for lunch with her family. It was so nice to have someone take the time to cook such a great meal for me, as I usually am the one doing the cooking. Arnel made an amazing, healthy lunch that included breaded fish made with her breadcrumbs, a pie made with her pie crust mix and a fabulous potato Kugel. Then she packed me a to go bag for my trip back to LA with her almond butter balls and some of the GF potato Kugle, she shares these recipes on her website at

In the one year since I met Arnel she had expanded her line to include not just her GF  bread mix, but pie crust mix and pancake mix as well.  All of Arnel’s mixes are made with organic ingredients and are gluten-free, (some are dairy, corn and soy free) and are easy to make. She has various mixes, for example: she has an all purpose flour which doubles as a pie crust mix, so if you are someone who likes to bake – definitely check out her website.

The ingredients are organic & the grains are healthy, they taste great and are made with Love by someone who has Celiac Disease and understands!

If you had told me 10 years ago when I was diagnosed that through Celiac Disease I would meet so many wonderful people, I would have said to you, you are nuts.  But it’s true, and Arnel is one of those people that without having Celiac disease, I would have never had the pleasure of meeting.




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